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Psychology is the scientific study of people, the mind, behaviour and experience. It is a thriving academic discipline with the opportunity to explore key features of everyday life that are of direct relevance. Psychologists and psychological research have a big impact on all aspects of public life, particularly in areas such as education, health, the economy, industry, and the criminal justice system. Pupils studying Psychology will learn to assess and analyse research evidence for its credibility and to consider how usefully the research and results can be applied to change behaviour in a practical way.

Each group is taught by two members of staff. The lessons will involve elements of theory and practical work. Psychology is taught using a variety of enjoyable active learning techniques including mini experiments and observations. You will be expected to revise for tests at the end of each topic and be able to apply your knowledge in short structured questions as well as longer essay style questions. You should be prepared to read around the subjects in order to develop your knowledge further.

Psychology is a useful addition to many pupils’ A Level portfolio. It requires both essay writing skills and the evaluation of scientific evidence, including the analysis of statistical data. To be honest, Psychology goes well with any subject. It complements both Science and Arts subjects.

Psychology offers an ideal introduction for those interested in studying Psychology at degree level. It also supports applications for almost any Science based degree course and an equally wide range of humanities courses. Studying psychology develops transferable and key skills that employers are looking for and can lead to a wide range of career opportunities in many areas including health and caring professions, management, education, criminology, marketing and advertising.

The Exam Board is AQA and there are three exam papers of two hours duration each.

Psychology is taught at Loughborough High School.