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All pupils in the School take part in a course of Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education which has four main aims:

  1.  To prepare pupils for the experiences and responsibilities of life beyond the school gates.
  2. To enable pupils to make informed choices in matters of personal and social relationships.
  3. To develop the skills of receptiveness, sensitivity, co-operation and self-awareness in making these choices. 
  4. To make pupils aware of resources, both in school and in the general community, to assist them.

PSHE sessions are weekly, and cover issues such as healthy relationships, personal finance, emergency first aid, wellbeing, personal hygiene, and online safety. Our intention is not only to provide information relevant to decision making, for instance information about units of alcohol, or how interest rates affect bank loans, but also to develop an awareness of the range of options relevant to each decision in an age-appropriate manner. Through group work, individual reflection and class discussion pupils develop the skills of assertiveness and critical thinking key to enabling them to recognise how they are influenced by their peers, or the media, and nevertheless to make their own decisions