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As a core curriculum subject, all boys will follow the Edexcel IGCSE course in Mathematics and be entered for the examination at the end of Year 11.


The assessment consists of two externally marked examination papers, each of two hours duration. Both papers require a calculator and each counts for 50%.

The IGCSE features a range of problems that help the students develop their reasoning and problem-solving skills. It has no coursework requirement.

Although there are two Tiers of entry (Foundation and Higher), all boys at LGS will be entered for the Higher Tier. Each paper will assess targeted grades 9-4. In any given Year, we expect around 75% of our pupils to achieve grades 8 or 9.

The ablest boys will be given the opportunity to take an extra Maths qualification – OCR’s FSMQ Additional Maths. Selection for this is the prerogative of the Maths Department and will be based on setting in Year 10. Assessment for this consists of a single 120-minute-long paper in the summer of Year 11. Boys taking this exam will be expected to take it alongside the IGCSE in the summer of Year 11.

A Level

Mathematics and Further Mathematics are very versatile qualifications. They are well respected by employers and for entry to higher education. Many employers highly value mathematics qualifications because those pupils who have studied the subject are better at thinking logically and analytically. Through problems solving pupils will develop resilience and will become able to think creatively and strategically. By writing structured solutions, proof and justification of results pupils learn how formulate reasoned arguments and they develop excellent numeracy skills and the ability to process and interpret data. For most STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) degree courses, A Level Maths is a requirement and A Level Further Maths is often a preferred subject.

The skills you will learn in A Level Maths will benefit many other A Level subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computing, Geography and Economics. If you study Further Maths it is likely to improve your grade at A Level because you will get extra practise and further consolidation.

A Level Mathematics is an interesting but challenging course. It will extend the methods you learnt at IGCSE and also introduce you to the world of Mechanics and Statistics.

Further Maths gives the pupils the opportunity to delve deeper into pure mathematics and study more branches of applied mathematics. This develops their interest in the subject and gives them a deeper understanding of the world of Mathematics. About 25-30 pupils study this each year. Anyone who is seriously considering applying to Cambridge or Oxford to study maths, natural sciences or physics, engineering or even medicine should consider doing Further Maths for A Level.