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Boys study the Edexcel IGCSE syllabus that focusses on the world-changing events of the 20th century. This gives them the opportunity to gain an insight into the events, which have helped to form the world in which we live. Four exciting topics will be covered over the two years:

  • The First World War
  • Hitler’s Germany
  • Stalin’s Russia
  • The Middle East 1917-2012

There are two exams of 90 minutes each.

Reasons to study GCSE History at the Grammar School;

  1. History is a fascinating and enjoyable subject
  2. The History department’s marks are OUTSTANDING. In 2019 boys achieved 46% grade 9 with 86% of all grades between 7 and 9
  3. History provides vital transferrable skills: analysis, writing, debate, argument
  4. Teaching staff: You will be taught by a pure History graduate who is extremely passionate about the subject

1495 History Magazine: 2nd Edition March 2021

"We cannot understand what we are until we understand what we have been"

Walter Ullmann

A Level

History is a subject for the intellectually curious and is a passion for life. Three exciting topics will be covered over the two years:

  • Wars of the Roses
  • Spain as a Great Power
  • Italian Renaissance

History has been a top university destination subject at the Grammar School for a number of years. The department has, year-on-year, secured some of the best results in the school (2019 59% A*/A with 72% A*-B, 2018 46% A/A* with 66% A*-B, 2017 an incredible 62% A*-A with 87% A*-B). History uniquely teaches students to write university-length extended prose, analyse primary material, construct sophisticated arguments and develop eloquence. That is what you will need in your future career in academia/Finance/ the Law/diplomacy.

History at the Grammar School has a thriving and vibrant extra-curricular side. Enrichment activities include: Senior History Society, University Historians, Oxbridge preparation, external lecture visits, senior overseas trips, Historical Association Great Debate competition, several Oxbridge History essay prizes, AQA exam-preparation webinars, Wars of the Roses London conference and access to the History Library.

Occupations that view History students as being a real asset include: researchers, broadcasters, journalists, local government officers, civil servants, pollsters, lobbyists, teachers, lawyers, financiers & bankers, the health service, public relations, the police and military, management training, advertising and a wide range of business opportunities