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Art is a way of responding to the world around you, it reflects your beliefs and ideas and is a way of communicating this to others.

By studying History of Art you will be able to understand the reasons why Art continues to be such an important aspect of human life. You will also develop transferable skills allied to Law, Advertising, Business, Publishing, Media, Film, careers in Galleries, Museums and buying/selling Art. The subject also complements degrees in Art, Architecture, Humanities and Marketing.

What will you do?

You will learn how to analyse and describe works of Art, Architecture and Sculpture from the Western World and beyond in order to understand the times, people and cultures who created them. You will gain in-depth knowledge and understanding which will be a lifelong asset and will inform your everyday decision-making, opening your eyes to new ideas and new ways of looking.

Topics include:

  • Themes in Art: War, Identity, Nature
  • Key artists and architects in Western and non- Western traditions
  • Movements in Art History such as: The Renaissance, Modernism in Europe and contemporary art and architecture in Britain and the USA.

This subject is taught at Loughborough Amherst School.