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Games in the “Middle School” continues with the main objectives undertaken in the previous three years of acquiring a range of physical skills and experiences related to games and sport, and to develop knowledge and understanding of human performance through participation in a range of physical activities.

The general aim of the Games syllabus is to attempt to develop and enhance the following qualities in each boy:

  • Self-confidence, Co-operation, Health
  • Co-ordination , Alertness, Respect
  • Determination, Agility, Enjoyment
  • Strength, Potential, Teamwork

In order to attempt to achieve these aims, we organise a comprehensive timetable including a treble period of Games each week:

(a) The Games afternoons are organised around the School’s main sports of Rugby, Hockey, Cross-Country, Cricket, Athletics and Tennis. For boys not involved in these there are other options.

(b) There is also a wide range of extra-curricular activities offered at lunchtimes and evenings, such as Sports team practices, Cross-Country, Badminton, Swimming, Squash, Fencing, Weight Training, Circuit Training, Basketball, Golf, Martial Arts, Boxercise, Cricket Nets, etc. These activities are organised and led by qualified LGS staff or outside Coaches. Boys who attend these activities can build upon their Thomas Burton Award cards – an initiative to record and reward those contributing to Co-Curricular activity.