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Hear from Ana Henderson

The LGS boys very quickly realise that, despite the technology advancements, in world of thought and big ideas, we have not yet moved far from the grand questions discussed among Greeks and Romans. This allows students develop a disposition to think critically about the concepts of democracy, diversity, gender, politics, art and history, in an ‘educational package’ for the 21st century. Our students can say that their experience in our department is very much removed from what their parents experienced from their own Latin teachers last century. Not only that the students are not forced to learn by heart pages and pages of dry grammar, but are given opportunity to enthusiastically grapple with both Greek and Latin in an immersive reading course and very much enjoy this challenge. The boys develop their skills through becoming resourceful and resilient when confronted with difficult subject matter and develop deep disposition of thinking creatively about ‘solving the problems’ and to develop an ability to build confidence in collaboration with each other while reflecting on better solutions that the ones that initially found.

Consequently, Classics students are highly motivated, informed and enthusiastic about spending time in the department and can look forward to many fruitful careers with the skills they gain with us. All of our subjects complement both sciences and humanities very well. Latin A Level can act as a facilitating subject for application to a variety of degrees in Russell Group universities, and keep options open for 16 year olds unsure of what degree they are likely to take. Graduates of Classics degrees typically go on to careers in Law, Consulting, Marketing and Finance, and enjoy on average a higher starting salary than graduates of degrees in Law, Biology, Architecture and Pharmacy.