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AQA Level 3 Extended Certificate in Applied Science

This course is ideal if you who want a chance to concentrate on some of the vocational aspects of Science. This can then lead to the study of a Science based course at university. There are a large number of careers you can consider by studying Applied Science such as: Nursing, Midwifery, Food Scientist, Physiotherapist, Radiologist, Engineer, Technician and Biotechnologist.

The Level 3 extended certificate qualification consists of:

  • Unit 1 – Key Concepts in Science (Written exam)
  • Unit 2 – Applied Experimental Techniques (Portfolio)
  • Unit 3 – Science in the Modern World (Written exam plus pre-released material)
  • Unit 4 – The Human Body (Written exam)
  • Unit 5 – Investigating Science (Portfolio)
  • Unit 6 – Students can choose from three options
  • Unit 6a – Microbiology (Portfolio)
  • Unit 6b – Medical Physics (Portfolio)
  • Unit 6c – Organic Chemistry (Portfolio)

This course is taught at Loughborough Amherst School.