At Loughborough Grammar School we implement a coordinated approach to safeguarding our students when they are working online. Every member of staff plays a critical role in understanding and raising awareness of the issues of online safety.

We have recently been awarded the 360 degree safe Online Safety Mark by SWGfl through a formal assessment on July 4th 2017.

We ensure that all staff are vigilant at all times and trained to educate students in best practise when working online. We have also integrated online safety education and awareness within our PHSE curriculum.

We also use technology to safeguard students when they are working online. We utilise a robust filtering system that monitors internet usage and prevents access to websites that are either harmful or inappropriate for children. The same system will also monitor the internet activity of students when using school devices at home.

We have included links to some online resources that we hope you will find useful.

Useful links:

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