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Sixth Form Prefect

As Sixth Form Centre Prefect alongside Josh, lots of my work involves improving the Sixth Form Centre for the boys and helping to organise social events around it. These events include a screening of the Rugby World Cup, a welcome BBQ and events across the whole foundation. As well as that, what seems very important at the moment is to create an integrated sixth form with a shared centre, and I hope to achieve that. This will allow all boys to have it as a good place to work and socialise. With all this, an excellent social side to Sixth Form life will exist alongside the academic side so that boys enjoy and are active in their last years at LGS. Having been involved with sport and academia throughout my time here, I hope with this role to stretch myself and bring the skills I have learnt in them to organise and help lead and improve the Sixth Form.


Sixth Form Prefect

Having the role of sixth form centre prefect is a real highlight of my school career. From lower down the school, the sixth form is very much looked up to, and to have a position where I can propose and help organise events for the sixth form along with overall changes makes it feel very prestigious. In order to fulfil the prestige of this role I aim to organise a number of events for the sixth form along with changing the aesthetics of the sixth form centre. Being a rugby player at the school since year 9, I have learned the value of rivalry with certain opponents, thus I hope to stage a charity rugby game, with help from my fellow senior prefects, which could be held annually in order to raise a massive amount of money for charity and to leave a valuable legacy for our years prefects.


Welfare Prefect

Since joining LGS in 2010, the school and its prodigious staff have continued to shape me into the person I am today. I am grateful to a vast number of people and the range of opportunities that have guided me through my life and have pushed me to reach new heights. As Welfare Perfect, I hope to work with younger students independently and hear how they would like their experience at school can we better, enabling me to enhance the younger students experience as they progress through the years. I also want to raise awareness for general wellbeing via, assemblies, the well-being committee, and freely interacting with the younger students. Presently, I am studying Art, Biology and Chemistry, and due to the surplus of clubs that the school has available, I have been able to continue with my interests in English Literature and Computer Science due to the fantastic facilities that the school has on campus, including the library on the computer labs.


Boarding Project

I come from a small town called Kotor. It’s a beautiful place in Montenegro and I miss it every day. Fortunately, I have an amazing group of friends and teachers here at LGS that helped me settle in. At the beginning of my school days, I wasn’t quite what you would call a ‘high achiever’. I was doing okay, but my interest in school was yet to come. However, after a bit of dedication and hard-work, I quickly became one of the best students in my home town.
Arriving to LGS as a boarder to study A-levels proved to be an eye-opening decision. It showed me all the possibilities that good education offers. Furthermore, it taught me the importance of perseverance and resilience.
With my role as a Boarding Prefect, I will try to develop a supportive environment for all new boarders and make their experience here at the school the best that it can possibly be!


Head of Yates House

As the newly elected house captain I am aiming to revive and restore Yates house; I will be responsible for ensuring all events and teams are organised throughout the year. Due to my competitive nature it will be crucial to select the right people for events in each year. And I am fortunate to have good relations between many pupils in varying age groups in the lower school, putting me at an advantage when selecting. Ultimately I hope to be the student, alongside my house master, who can lead us to victory - something that hasn’t been done since 2003.

In addition to my work for the house the school has also provided many other co-curricular activities to couple with my education. A key aspect being sport, in which I have represented the schools Rugby and Athletics teams, since joining in year 7. The CCF and Drama department have been largely important to my development also, enabling me to gain further confidence and leadership skills allowing me to fulfil my new role.


Head of Pulteney House

I have studied at Loughborough Grammar since I was in year 7, ultimately opting to study biology, chemistry, history and geography at A-Level. Within these 5 years I have developed and progressed vastly as a person. Loughborough Grammar helps many young men such as myself and my peers to thrive in their education, by presenting opportunities such as, enriching field trips and, closer to home, the house competitions.
I feel that these are some of the best aspects of my experience at Loughborough Grammar; the aforementioned field trips, in which I have been to Italy numerous times, alongside trips to France, and am looking forward to enriching trips to Florence and Austria in the coming year; and the house competition, which is always competitive yet enjoyable, with each year looking to better myself and my house in each individual event, and am hoping to continue this next year alongside my housemates.


Welfare Prefect

I am one of two new senior welfare and wellbeing prefects, together me and James aim to ensure that everyone around school is as happy as can be and that stresses (mostly about exams) are something of the past. We hope that through our assemblies and other work with form groups on Friday mornings that we can achieve these goals. We also wish to further expand the current Year 12 mentoring scheme which has shown great promise this year. The school provides many opportunities for boys to relax and enjoy themselves through a wide range of extra-curricular activities and I greatly encourage these as they have helped me find what I enjoy most. Through the Year 12 partnership scheme I found my passion for working with children and hope to carry on with this into my future as I apply to do medicine at university.


Charities Prefect

I have always had an avid interest in charity, and always wanted to help people less fortunate than me. I always enjoyed participating in events during my lower school years particularly enjoying the less mainstream events, and hopefully I can combine that enthusiasm with fun ideas to get people interested in good causes. As charity prefect I want to encourage more people than ever to donate to worthwhile funds, and to try to engage them with more varied ways of donating, but also to remind them that charity is not about what you can gain from an event, but what you can give to the local community and those in need throughout the wider world. Hopefully, this year will see more events going on than any other, and a higher total raised for all those important and influential charities out there


External Relations

I’ve been at the school from reception right through to sixth form. I am studying History, Geography and Politics at A level, during my time I’ve taken full advantage of the opportunities given by the school by participating in a wide range of sport teams and house events. I have played cricket from year 7 right through to the 2nd XI and recently I have begun to referee rugby. As external relations prefect, my primary role is organising my peers to give tours and participate in taster days and open days for prospective pupils. Due to the organisation required in this role, it has helped develop my leadership skills as well as my public speaking when giving tours. Which will help me in the future as I plan to study Law at university


Head of Abney House

The role of House Captain requires me to be responsible for every member of the Abney House, ensuring that we can be competitive in every event within each year group. Since joining in year 7 I have been heavily involved in all sorts of house events from Rugby to Chess, and I wish to bring enthusiasm and motivation to the House. My main goal is to win back the House Championship Cup for Abney.
Throughout LGS I have been involved in all aspects of school life. Sport has played a key role during my time here- for example I have represented the school at Rugby at all age groups from 12A to the 1st XV. Furthermore, I have volunteered for the VSU for the past two years now, which has enabled me to progress with my Gold DofE, setting me on track to complete in the coming year.


Head of Davys House

Throughout my time at LGS I have taken part in many house events, from year 7 bridge to Sixth Form squash. The house championship provides boys with the opportunity to work in a team and take part in activities they may not do on a day to day basis. It gives me great pleasure to take on the role of head of Davys house. I aim to give the younger boys the same experience in the house system as my predecessors gave me. Outside the house system I am a keen sportsman, having represented the school at both cricket and rugby from year 7 all the way up to the senior teams. I hope to enhance my leadership and teamwork skills within this role, to utilise in the future at university and beyond.


Head of CCF

In my time at LGS I have immersed myself in co-curricular activities. Rugby has always been a focus of mine alongside music. Since year 10 I have become heavily involved in the CCF. Within the army section I have been lucky enough to attend a number of shooting competitions and was on the combat cadet team. Each year with more experience we get stronger and the current basic cadets are showing promise to continue this trend. These are the experiences I hope to make available to everybody who chooses to put themselves forward across all three services. With military ambitions or not, there are opportunities for everyone to advance their skills in all areas and I would highly encourage any who are interested to get involved with the CCF.