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Sixth Form and Social Prefect

Loughborough Grammar School provides an excellent platform for students to be active academically and socially. Due to this, taking on the role of social prefect is one of paramount importance as it is necessary for a balance to be achieved when assessing the taxing nature of academia and the relief found in socialising. Coupled with Luke and Jeevan, our social prefect team, we have consistently been able to provide social opportunities both exclusively for the Grammar School and those open for the entire Loughborough Schools Foundation. Events such as Ping-Pong tournaments, informal dinners and sporting events have occurred so far under the direction of the social prefects, and this will definitely continue throughout the academic year, especially with the intensity of examinations dominating the sixth-form constantly. Personally I am enjoying this leadership role, and hope to continue to do whatever I can in handling the responsibility of such a position.


Spirituality Prefect

The role of spirituality prefect is new to the school and has been a role I have taken with great enjoyment. I work closely with our school's reverend as we discuss the best ways to improve the spiritual wellbeing of the school's students. By doing this we help to ensure the relationships between students and staff alike are good and that as a community we grow and develop together. Although I am a Christian myself the role is not strictly religious as I tend to focus more on the wellbeing of others no matter what faith they may or not have. I helped the reverend organise the school's Christmas carol service and often participate in other prefect run activities too.


Careers Prefect

The support for careers at LGS is excellent, with plenty of opportunities for boys to get some work experience from our extensive alumni, and various events throughout the year. As Careers Prefect, I have helped set up events, raise the profile of the careers department, and communicate career advice to students through talks from leading professionals and experts. Most recently, the department has organised the popular careers dinner, where many of the boys have had the opportunity to talk to leading experts in different fields, such as medicine, engineering, law and computing. I think the career related support for the boys is quite special, especially in assisting non academic careers, such as the military and the arts. Their support has been invaluable as I prepare to study Law at university.


Welfare Prefect

As welfare prefect, I help raise awareness for general well being through means such as assemblies and the well-being committee. Throughout my time at LGS I have been given the opportunity to represent school in rugby, hockey and cross-country as well as to learn guitar at the music school. I have thoroughly enjoyed the trips the school has offered from the pickering trip in year seven to three junior ski trips held in France and Italy.

"Although I'm not completely sure what the future holds for me, I am confident that the academic foundation provided by LGS will support me in which ever career I choose"


Internationalism Prefect

As the Internationalism Prefect, a new role for 2018/19, I have been able to interpret it in my own way to a certain degree. As such, I have pursued bringing further integration and cultural appreciation particularly with our boarders but also with other international students. Events such as competitive-game tournaments have facilitated the formation of new friendships and cultural exhibitions have enhanced our understanding. I believe that to be able to appreciate the international cultures of our peers outside School is a worthwhile skill in our globalising world.

Throughout my time at LGS I have been committed to many sports teams and music ensembles with highlights of reaching the Rugby 1st XV and Big Band in my final years. Such activities have equipped me with a multitude of skills that will be essential for me in the future as I intend to study Medicine at University.


Form Co-ordinator

I am the senior prefect for form coordination and I provide administrative support both for lower school activities and for organisation of Sixth Form and Senior Prefect. I have also been able to help and run Year 12 mentoring, where lower sixth students are able to volunteer to help year 6, 7 and 8 to complete their Thomas Burton award. The school have helped me academically and pastorally to allow me to obtain interviews for dentistry in which I hope to study at university. Moreover the skills in which I have learnt in this role will be invaluable to me in the future.


Sports Prefect

Being the sports prefect at Loughborough Grammar School has helped to balance my responsibilities, it has taught me how to interact as a leader with younger age groups. My current aim as sports prefect is improving the gym equipment to suit the needs of the boys. The need for this new equipment has come from feedback from the gym users in regular conversations about the sport at school. These skills will help me for life in New Zealand and for University.


External Relations

I am a Senior Prefect for External Relations. The main responsibility for my role is organising and finding boys to do the frequent tours of the school. I have also been involved in the organisation of open day, various taster days and the entrance examinations. Throughout my time at LGS I have played hockey, representing the school consistently from year 7 to the 1st XI. Playing hockey at the school has provided me with numerous great opportunities, the highlight certainly has been going on tour South Africa. I currently study History, Politics and French for my A-levels. I have enjoyed my role as a prefect and it has developed my leadership skills as well as teamwork skills, which will help me in the future as I move on to study History at university.


Music Prefect

As Music Prefect, most of my work is within Loughborough Schools Music and one of the main responsibilities I have is acting as a role model to inspire younger musicians lower down the school. I work closely alongside the Director of Music and other music staff to assist with the runnings of the department which consists of, for example, helping to organise our ‘Lunchtime Lives’ on Fridays and many other of the concerts and events that take place both on and off campus. 

Being Music Prefect reflects how important music is to me, and I throw myself headlong into as much of LSF music as I can; playing percussion, saxophone and being a singer I am very busy, currently being involved in seven school ensembles which rehearse weekly and performing often outside of school. I will be studying percussion at music college next year so this role has not only been greatly enjoyable but also helped prepare me for studying music at a higher standard.


Throughout the school, there is a support network for the different academic interests of all students, including the STEM subjects to Drama. This includes teachers who aid students to apply to top universities, for example having guest speakers come to the school to show their passion of the research to get students excited about their subject. Competitions allow keen students to test their abilities against people from across the UK, whilst increasing their own level of understanding in the process. Personally, I found the STEM competitions thoroughly enjoyable and it massively helped me when deciding my future course and writing my university application. The trips offered allow for a broader understanding of the subject, whether this involves developing your linguistic ability in the languages home country or representing the UK in international events. The level of support which I have received here has helped me develop as an academic and I hope to use what I have learnt in the future at university and beyond.


Eco Prefect

Being the ecological and environmental prefect this year has been a role yearned for since the committee’s propagation, by me. During my time in the committee, I have seen how it has evolved - how the school has adapted. Environmental change within the school is unwanted by many but needed by all in order to maintain an environmentally utilitarian view. I, along with my now committee had concentrated on biodiversity, conducting a survey of the campus’ wildlife, flora and fauna and also had kept energy, waste and nutrition as topics we had aimed to work upon, making stickers for computers and lights, posters for bins and a new nutritional vegetarian menu. Last year, with little to no new work done in the committee, we had a lot of catchup to do in order to maintain our Green Flag Status. In this way, we have conducted many surveys and had many meetings with the management team. We have suggested the implementation of bottle-friendly water fountains and the distribution of LGS branded water bottles, conducted an energy survey and suggested tariff changes to the bursary and also encouraging departments to be more energy conscious, have had separated recycling and general waste bins approved for placement, have had the use of reusable waste paper to be made into rough books approved, have tried to limit plastic wastage. The list goes on. 

Our main success has been unifying the committees across LSF, forming the LSF Eco Committee. We hold fortnightly meetings where we discuss any cross campus change.

Outside of the LGS and LSF Eco Committees, I run the dissection/anatomy club, am a member of the well-being committee, am the school ambassador for medic mentor in LGS’s (aspiring) medic’s society and founded and lead the poetry society following the success of my 1000 word long poem ‘The Women March To Champs Élysées’. 

I plan to take a gap year in order to take a break from education as I would like to pursue medicine (a very long course indeed, hence the gap year).

In terms of passions, I play Indian raga daily, mainly vocally, using the harmonium and/or the taus. Furthermore, I have a keen interest in racquet sports playing weekly as a hobby.

Outside of school, I work as a clerical administrator at a GP practice in Loughborough. It gives me great joy to earn money doing something I enjoy, especially because it is not school related.