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Head Boy

From the age of 8, I have been a pupil of LSF, starting initially at Fairfield and continuing my journey through to LGS. For the last 10 years LSF has and continues to shape me into the person I am today and I am thankful to a huge number of people who have guided me through this journey and have inspired me to never stop breaking through barriers and setting high goals. I chose to pursue the role of Head Boy as a way of saying thank you to LGS, for the impact that it has had on my life and will continue to have in the future. Serving as Head Boy has been an absolute honour and the knowledge and experiences I have gained in this role are invaluable.

As a cohort the level of excellence in all facets of school life (academics, extra-curricular and personal achievements) gives me a sense of pride in my friends and colleagues and I have the utmost respect for all the people that have touched so many of us in different ways, many of which are not quantifiable.

The majority of my role consists of being an external ambassador for the school, for example attending school events such as prize giving, the Burton service and Burton Communion. Myself and also the deputies have meetings with the Senior leadership team fairly regularly to discuss the schools’ agenda as a whole. This gives us the opportunity to raise any ideas that can benefit the school. I also have the fun job of managing the running of the senior prefect team which has been remarkably smooth further emphasising the values that have been instilled in us by LGS.

Ever since Year 7 I have pushed myself to enter every feature of school life. I have been in cricket and rugby teams throughout my time at school which all students involved love. I have partaken in clubs and societies ranging from dissecting a lamb’s heart to learning how to play chess which allowed me to reach the Gigafinal in the UK schools chess challenge. I also yearned a passion for music which implored me to sing alongside the Burton Consort in the most beautiful of places in England. This passion of music allowed me to achieve a grade 8 distinction in music theatre which LGS provided for me. Music throughout the school has given me the courage to be able to speak freely and confidently

VSU has been fantastically rewarding. The opportunities given to me include visiting a care home for people with dementia, helping out at a special needs school and also making chocolate for people in the community! The volunteering side of the school is often overlooked however the freedom to choose what you would like to volunteer your time with is ludicrous.

"If I had to impart advice to those in the younger years, it would have to be to take on anything with a clear head and with a smile on your face. Clearing your head before a challenge allows you to approach it with a fantastic mentality and a smile allows you to be enthusiastic even when the challenges get tough because they will always get tougher. Make the most out of every opportunity the school gives you and always be humble."