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Deputy Head Boy

For me LGS is an exceptional place for a boy to not only thrive academically but it is also a place where boys can develop their teamwork and social skills due to the variety of extracurricular activities boys can do during their LGS journey. What the boys can achieve goes beyond the classroom, which I believe has been fundamental during my 7 years at the school as well as my 14 years at the Loughborough Schools Foundation having attended Fairfield (the junior school).

Academia is an important part of school life and it has honestly been an amazing opportunity to be taught by such diligent teachers who really do display an immense passion for their subjects, which I believe is a key reason why LGS is such a great place as this hardworking nature is replicated by the students, which ultimately breeds success not just academically but by also aiding us boys to stumble upon genuine ardour for subjects we never thought we would enjoy. I happened to stumble across History, which prompted me to study it at A-Level, along with Politics and French. I have found that the style of teaching really does make LGS unique. When I come across difficulty in my work, I have full confidence that the teachers will be able to help my comprehension of it because there is such a varied teaching style due to them adapting their method to suit the student. LGS believes that every pupil should have the chance to experience success whether it is inside or out of the classroom and so the method of teaching really does aid this. The assiduous nature of the teachers is further shown by the fact that they hold extra sessions and suggest further reading for those who want to do better and those who wish to study their subject at university.

Personally, I have really benefitted from History Extension as it is a relaxed environment that has given me the extra knowledge and analytical skills needed to hopefully study History at university. I believe this meticulousness sets LGS apart.

Additionally, LGS gives students fantastic opportunities to go on trips across the globe from all year groups. I have been far and wide on educational experiences that will last a life time. From Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin to the Statue of Liberty in New York, I have been able to go to a vast amount of places, which culminated in a trip to Florence this year as I have studied the Florentine Renaissance for my History coursework. These opportunities only come about because of the feverous staff who dedicate their time for the betterment of the boys.

Ever since I joined the school, I have endeavoured to take part in as many extra-curricular opportunities as possible including representing the school in rugby and cricket. Through effort and perseverance, taught to me by LGS, I have represented the school at senior rugby level. I believe it is testament to the coaches who always encourage boys that attitude supersedes, which enables them to reach their full potential. My rugby endeavours have taken me far and wide including the Hong Kong and Japan rugby tour in 2017. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be able to have such an experience and I will be eternally grateful to the staff who accompanied us. Also, the teamwork skills are learned from team sports have been invaluable for later life, illustrating that LGS prepares students well for later life.

In connection to this, the numerous extracurricular opportunities provided at LGS are an immense plus. Societies such as Politics and Debating really do wonders for students’ confidence and communication skills. Pupils are able to liaise with people of all levels and effectively communicate their ideas. Whilst such a large school may seem daunting at first for a boy of any age, the apprehension is soon put to bed due to the wide variety of clubs, which I can assure any boy will find something, because boys are able to meet others with similar interests and make friends. The rapid integration of new boys is something special about LGS. I would say that you just need to make the most of every opportunity given to you and you will succeed in whatever you want. Immersing yourself in school life and taking up new challenges is what LGS is really all about.

As I currently, am in my last year at school and I have been privileged to be appointed as Deputy Head Boy. I work alongside the other deputies and the rest of the senior prefects to ensure the school runs smoothly by effectively communicating with the senior management team. As a team of deputies along with the Head Boy we have bi-weekly meetings with the Headmaster to suggest improvements, many of which have been implemented. More specifically, I am Deputy Head Boy of Operations which essentially means that I try to help the social prefects organise social events amongst other things. I have learnt a great deal from this role including leadership skills and time management. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at LGS and I would not recommend another school.