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Head of School Council

As Chair of the School Council, I am principally involved in initiating and leading improvements to the school as a whole. The school is constantly evolving and, despite the rounded education it provides, there is always opportunity for improvement in all fields. Therefore, being able to engage with both the lower school and my colleagues within the sixth form is crucial to driving the enhancement of student satisfaction as we look to make the boys' experience at the school the greatest it can possibly be.
Since I joined the school in Year 7, my most prominent achievements have been in academic and sporting fields. My proudest accomplishment would have to be my role as the chief editor of the school magazine, ‘VOX’, which has seen a revival in the past year. I have also captained a number of football and hockey teams and competed in three successful teams in the House Quiz. On a more academic level, I served on the school council three times before becoming the Chair and I am involved prominently within the Geography, English and History departments, amongst others.