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Deputy Head Boy

I have studied at Loughborough Grammar since I was in year 7 and having previously spent 7 years at Fairfield, I have spent nearly 14 years of my life at the Loughborough Schools Foundation. I feel that I have progressed so far as a person during my time here and this is due to the vast range of opportunities that have been presented to me.

The best part about Loughborough Grammar School are all opportunities that we have. In all aspects of school life there are dedicated members of staff who are willing to go out of their way to help boys develop any interest or skill they might have.

Throughout my time at the school I have been a keen participant in football and cross country teams, and the school has facilitated my desire to compete in both sports to a high level. I have achieved quite a lot in my running career at the school, no doubt thanks to the opportunities presented by the School, with highlights being being one of three members of Loughborough Grammar School boys to make the national top 12 in the 1500m final at the English Schools Athletics Championships in 2017. We have had a particularly talented 'golden generation' of runners at the school over the last few years and this group has achieved its potential, culminating in our victory in the Coventry relays, which is the equivalent of national distance running relay competition schools.

The School has also given me the opportunity to become a good public speaker, as I have been able to take public speaking lessons and complete LAMDA examinations. I have found these very important for my development as a person and as a leader, and the examinations have also allowed me to research a range of topics that interest me, from the ethics of aborting foetuses with Down's Syndrome, to the situation with the 'Novichok' nerve agent attack in Salisbury. My public speaking has progressed so far in my time in the School that earlier this year I led a full School assembly, something I wouldn't have thought I could possibly do when I joined the School.

LGS has helped to encourage and guide me towards my goal of getting into medical school for next year. I have been working and practising with my fellow applicants which has helped me and I have benefited from the weekly sessions which have supplied me with the relevant information to help me with my application and interviews. Now my target is to achieve the grades I need in Maths, Chemistry and Biology

This year my Prefect role has been Deputy Head Boy "school life". I work very closely with the Senior Leadership Team and the rest of the Senior Prefects to make changes about the School, and organise events, particularly to do with the extra-curricular areas of school life. I have learnt a huge amount with regards to holding positions of responsibility and time management, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the role as it has offered me a chance to give back to this School, which has given me so much. I feel the role has taught me all the skills I need to thrive beyond school life and into adulthood.