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Deputy Head Boy

Studying at LGS has undeniably encouraged me to grow in ways that I’ll always be grateful for. It has meant that taking up the position of Deputy Head Boy has been a fantastic opportunity to work with younger students and hear how they would like their experience of the school to be. In terms of academics, I’m studying maths, physics, chemistry and biology at A-Level, as well as completing my EPQ, which is a daunting task alongside intensive medicine applications. The school has been hugely helpful with supporting all parts of my studies and interview preparation. I have been encouraged to extend my interest in these subjects through olympiads, lectures, trips and competitions. For example, it is through the active STEM department that I was able to present a project at Parliament in London. Yet I have also had the opportunity to broaden my interests into politics as part of the team that attended the UK’s national session of the European Youth Parliament. Aside from this, debating is an area I have become heavily involved in, and public speaking competitions have allowed me to develop my personal skills. It’s through these activities that I’ve been able to find a career that I want to pursue. Sporting provisions at LGS have meant that I could represent the school in 5 different sports, including football, tennis, rugby, cross-country and athletics. Athletics is a discipline I have had the chance to do at county level, all due to the support given by the sports coaches. As Deputy Head, I have had the chance to lead the student council and feedback ideas to the senior management, which fulfils my role of “communications”. Working on other projects with the rest of the prefects has been enjoyable and I am pleased with the progress we have made.