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LGS Learner – Learning for Lifelong Success

LGS Learner – Learning for Lifelong Success featured image

For over 500 years Loughborough Grammar School has been a specialist in educating ambitious boys for success. Our philosophy is that School should be a preparation for life and academic attainment is very much central to that. LGS prides itself on the relationships between staff and boys that ensure every learner is supported and challenged, whilst having fun on their learning journey to academic excellence

We equip boys with a broad portfolio of learning skills which enable them to excel in public examinations, universities, the workplace and their life. Our curriculum trains our boys to be independent learners who love study, thrive on challenge and have the self-discipline and motivation to aim high and to realise their potential both within School and in life after LGS.

The LGS Learner represents our academic philosophy in action and is the everyday, working language used by our boys and staff to develop key learning attributes for lifelong success.

We aim to cultivate skills of aspiration and resilience; boys and staff alike are encouraged to take risks and to try new things, to be creative, solve problems and to inspire others around them. Our boys are expected to take responsibility, ask questions, articulate their views and lead their peers. We recognise the importance of metacognition and encourage boys to use a wide range of thinking approaches and to reflect on their learning. All these high expectations are embodied within the LGS Learner which is used throughout our curriculum and is visible throughout the School.

Around the school in labs, classrooms and corridors there are reminders of the four key attributes, each with their own strong identity so, that even if glimpsed from the corner of the eye, they act as prompts and reminders and reinforce the LGS Learner ethos.