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Chinese Exchange Students

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For the past 3 weeks, Loughborough Grammar School have played hosts to four boys as part of an exchange programme. 

JieruiRenqiQizhe and Junhe joined the school for 3 weeks from Confucius International School in Qingdao to experience life in a UK school and to learn about some of our traditions and cultures. Whilst they were here, the boys were hosted by one of our own boys and their families.  

During school days, the four boys spent their time joining their hosts, Thomas, Brady, Alec and Don in a variety of different lessons; their favourite being Mathematics and Design Technology; sampling the school lunches and playing sports such as Hockey, which they had never experienced before. 

Outside of school, our hosts took the visiting Chinese boys to London and Cambridge to visit the tourist hotspots, alongside more local attractions, such as an ice hockey game at the Nottingham Panthers, the Nottingham Christmas Markets and some of the boys even ran the Loughborough Santa Fun Run! 

Speaking of their visit overall, JieruiRenqiQizhe and Junhe enjoyed their time here very much, citing that the food and the weather were the biggest differences – it seemed unfortunately cold and rainy for the majority of their visit!  

In the next steps of the Chinese exchange programme, Thomas, Brady, Alec and Don will visit China in August to stay with JieruiRenqiQizhe and Junhe and gain an insight into the Chinese way of life and cultures. They hope to be able to visit Shanghai and Beijing while they are there. 

On behalf of Thomas, Brady, Alec, Don, their families, Loughborough Grammar School and Loughborough Schools Foundation, we hope that JieruiRenqiQizhe and Junhe thoroughly enjoyed their time here and we wish them good luck for the future. 


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