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During quaratine, the boys enjoy a leisurely start to each day with brunch being served at 11:00. This is followed by time in the School House garden from 14:00-16:00 where they can play badminton, archery or enjoy reading a book in the sunshine. At 17:00 the boys are then served dinner and at 19:00, socially distanced activities take place for example working out at the gym, playing on the PS4, watching TV or chatting with friends. The boys have been treated to an evening of Domino’s pizza which was gratefully received, but they didn’t leave any spare slices for Mr Korosi which was a bit mean!

On Monday 17 August, all staff and boys were tested for Covid-19 by Mrs Coward and it was great to receive the news that everyone tested as negative. We are looking forward to seeing our House Captain Juraj return from Croatia earlier than anticipated this evening to avoid having to quarantine as the UK government has added Croatia to the list of countries that need to quarantine on returning to the UK.