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Our two Boarding Houses provide a genuine home from home, each supervised by a resident Housemaster and his wife, leading a wider team of staff committed to the happiness, development and achievements of the boys in their care.

The warm family atmosphere helps boys to settle, to look out for each other and develops a self-awareness and selflessness which will serve them well in life. They quickly feel the confidence to make new friends, develop social skills, take on responsibility and see the rewards of helping others.

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Both Houses are well appointed with large, comfortable bedrooms, recreational facilities and internet access. Every Boarder has his own bed with considerable storage space underneath, a large desk, wardrobe and lockable drawer. Younger boys share rooms of four, boys in Years 11 and above share twin rooms. School House has a small number of single rooms for the senior members of the House.

Denton House

Jeremy & Sarah Parton

Housemaster & Housemistress

Denton House is inclusive and friendly, where boys gain stability from a supportive team of House staff and a comfortable daily routine. This provides a safe and secure environment so that they can thrive. Learning to live away from home teaches boys resilience and independence, a spirit of tolerance and an understanding of the needs of others.

Each evening, we hold a House meeting to discuss the day’s issues and suggest ideas for events and outings. We are rightly proud of our superb record of supporting boys who need extra help to integrate into our boarding community and school life

"Houses are warm, comfortable and well maintained"

ISI Inspection Report

February 2014

School House

Phil & Moe Marlow

Housemaster & Housemistress

School House is a homely and welcoming extension of the Marlow family home. Boys feel secure and confident from the moment they arrive, and quickly enjoy the attractive surroundings of School House. The boys are encouraged to feel part of the family and are all treated as individuals, and every culture and nationality is celebrated within a diverse community. We meet every day to discuss House and boarding matters, and everyone’s voice is heard.

Boys are encouraged to integrate into the wider life of the Foundation, which broadens their experiences during their time here. New boys partake in the Cultural Programme, where different activities are organised during most weekends, giving them a flavour of British culture and values.

We believe that a happy boarding house will ensure that the boys flourish. The boarding team work closely with day tutors and Heads of Year to ensure that boys reach their full potential inside and outside of the classroom. Boys leave School House having made friends for life, and are confident, independent young men who are prepared for the next chapter of their life.

Denton House Handbook 2021

School House Handbook 2021

Cultural Programme

"There has been much investment in the upgrading of boarding accommodation to a good standard in recent years"

ISI Inspection Report

February 2014