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Results Summary

15 subjects report with numerical grades, while 6 retain letter grades.

GCSE students142
Grade 921%
A* 47% (2017 - 60%)
Grade 8/9 (or equivalent)44%
Grade 7-9 (equivalent A*/A)65% (2017 - 60%)
Grade 5-994%
Grade 4-9 (equivalent to A*-C)98% (2017 - 96%)
  • 15 boys achieved at least 8s or 9s in nine or more subjects
  • 63 boys achieved at least 8s or 9s in five or more subjects
  • 86 boys achieved at least 5 grades of 7-9 (equivalent of A*/A)
  • 94 boys achieved grades 8 or 9 in Mathematics
  • 59% of grades in Maths and Science were at grades 8 or 9 (equivalent to A*)
  • 2/3rds of Art students achieved grade 8s and 9s
  • 94 boys (out of 118) achieved A*/A in Chemistry
  • 55% of History students achieved A* (83% achieved A*/A)

Loughborough Grammar School boys are celebrating the school’s best set of GCSE grades for 6 years. It was difficult for pupils and teachers alike to know what to expect as the new numerical grades were awarded for the first time in many subjects. However, as envelopes were opened and thrown into the air in delight, it was clear that performance had been outstanding across the curriculum. 65% of results were graded 7-9 (the equivalent of A*/A) with 86 of the 142 pupils achieving these top grades in at least 5 subjects.

The national press had warned that very few candidates would achieve top grades across the board under the new system, but 5 boys managed this incredible feat. In addition, no fewer than 40 boys achieved at least seven grades of 8 or 9.

Headmaster, Duncan Byrne said,

“These grades represent an outstanding performance from the GCSE students at Loughborough Grammar School, whose results not only give boys confidence as they embark on A Level study but also prepare the ground for applications to the country’s top universities in due course. The boys’ excellent results in Mathematics and Science (77% grades 7-9 or A*/A in old money) demonstrates the school’s strengths in STEM subjects, and will help to produce the doctors, engineers and research scientists required to help the world meet the challenges of the 21st Century. In addition, what the grades don’t tell is how boys have achieved these stellar results alongside the sporting, musical and dramatic commitments, and it is this balanced education that has helped them to develop the resilience and independent study skills that will enable them to thrive in later life.”


Student Case Studies


Ethan was delighted to be awarded top grades of 9/A*s in all of his subjects. Ethan managed to combine his studies with playing in the Concert Band, reaching grade 7 in percussion exams and also being part of the Debating team. Ethan is looking forward to Sixth Form where he will be studying Maths, Further Maths, Computing and Physics.


Alex has excelled in his academic results and achieved top grades in all of his subjects. He has had an extremely busy Year 11 and proven himself to be a spectacular all-rounder. Alex is an NCO in the Combined Cadet Force, a rugby player and is a keen musician who plays in many of the School ensembles. Alex will be studying Maths, History, Spanish and Biology at A Level.


Hamzah was very pleased with his achievement of top grades in all subjects. Alongside his studying, Hamzah is a key member of the Debating Club, was part of the team who won the regional round of the European Youth Parliament and has learnt to speak Mandarin! He will be joining the Sixth Form and plans to study Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics.


Will was celebrating his excellent achievement of 8 top grades in all of his subjects. Will is also an A Team Rugby player, a member of the Brass Ensemble and he won the Greek prize in the Latin & Greek speaking competition. Will moves up into the Sixth Form where he has opted to study Maths, History, Greek and Latin.


Danushka received six 9s/A*s alongside his many musical commitments (Burton Consort, String Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, Piano Trio, String Quartet as well as musical coaching to boys in lower years) that have seen him achieve a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music and win the RAM Cello Prize. Danushka will be studying Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Music for A Level.


Harry, who joined Loughborough Grammar School in Year 9, was delighted to achieve 8s and 9s in all of his subjects. He managed to balance his revision alongside representing the 1st XI at cricket and play for U16A at Hockey. He is also a Lance Corporal in the Combined Cadet Force. In Sixth Form, Harry will be studying Maths, Physics, Economics and Geography.