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Learning to play an instrument is a valuable skill which can be a life-long passion. Not only is there enormous musical and social enjoyment, artistic and expressive satisfaction, there is also a real sense of achievement which continues beyond school. Although it is a lengthy process which requires commitment and hard work, there will also be many occasions to celebrate and enjoy along the way, which make it richly rewarding.

Choosing an instrument

We are often asked to help pupils and their parents choose which instrument to learn. There is no hard and fast answer to this question and the ‘gut feeling’ that children may have towards specific instruments can be as important as any other factor. It is important, however, that pupils are aware of the sounds that particular instruments make.

Notes on instrument selection:

  • Following on from the Year 2 String Scheme, Year 3 pupils may have shared lessons on the violin.
  • Tuition on the following instruments is subject to a child’s height, build and/ or teeth development stage: Saxophone, Double Bass, Harp, Trumpet/ Cornet, French Horn, Trombone, Baritone/ Euphonium and Tuba.

If you wish to apply for music lessons for your child, please complete and return a Lesson Application Form.

Grammar School Music Lesson Application Form

Instrument Hire Application Form

Year 6 Starter Scheme

Year 6 Instrument Hire Form

Senior Starter Application

Instruments offered

Baritone / EuphoniumBassoonCello
ClarinetDouble BassFlute
French HornGuitarHarp
Trumpet / CornetTubaViola

LAMDA Tuition

Our LAMDA tutors have years of experience as LAMDA tutors as well as on stage themselves or examining LAMDA all over the world. In the first instance email with details of what classes your child is interested in and what level they are at.

We offer classes in Public Speaking, Acting, Verse & Prose and Musical Theatre from Grade 1 to Diploma level.


Giving Notice

Mixed and Fixed Lessons Header

Mixed and Fixed Lessons



The following charges are made:

Individual Instrumental / Vocal Tuition£24.25 per 30 minute lesson
Instrument Hire£40 per term
Accompaniment for ExaminationsGrade 1 - £13.08 Grade 2 - £15.77 Grade 3 - £18.26 Grade 4 - £21.57 Grade 5 - £23.64 Grade 6 - £27.38 Grade 7 - £31.35 Grade 8 - £36.41 Diploma - £48.54
Music & AccessoriesVaried

Notice to increase fees

The fees will be reviewed from time to time and may be increased by such amount as the governors consider necessary and reasonable.  We shall endeavour to give at least a term’s notice of any increases in the fees due for a particular term and in any event shall give you notice of any such increases not later than the final day of the preceding term.