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Ross Parish

Ross Parish

Assistant Head (Wellbeing)

I have a wife and two children. One of my main interests is the subject of holy wells and associated mineral springs and I have written considerably on the subject and presented at a number of conferences across the country. When not researching holy wells, I can be found experiencing the rich customs and folklore of the country recording them for posterity. I am a keen photographer and have had a number of photographs published in the media on the subject. I have been invited to conferences on this subject as well and am currently researching ritual litter distribution.

An eager bibliophile I have a large collection of antiquarian books on a wide range of subjects but predominantly folklore, ancient history and hagiography. When not doing research I can be seen developing my garden. I am a keen walker and visitor of stately homes, churches, often seeking out old graffiti or evidence of saintly shrines, castles and other ancient monuments. I am a lapsed actor, having been a regular improv performer and can currently be seen rapping about Gregor Mendel’s discovery.

A lover of the arts, both performing and mixed media, when time allows I like to spend a few hours in an art gallery or watching a play.