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Like all moves of house there clearly was a great ‘clear out’ when the School moved from its fourth home in Churchgate – opposite the White Hart Pub – to the present site in 1852. Thus there are very few archives from before the move but a considerable archive since. Those archives have similarly been moved several times and now reside, appropriately, next door and under the Library.

They detail a rich history of the School and as the 525th anniversary of its foundation approaches it seems an entirely appropriate time to make some of them available, digitally, for all to appreciate. This has been made possible with a generous donation from the Old Loughburians’ Association. It is our intention over the coming years to continually expand what is available and we hope you enjoy browsing through the collection which is best done using Google Chrome.

We are always keen to add relevant materials to the Archives. Photographs, publications and memorabilia directly related to the School all increase the richness of the collections. Should you have any items relating to your, or a relative’s, time at the school that you would like to donate, please get in touch with the School Archivist, John Weitzel.

Please click here to visit the Digital Archives Website.