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Scholars’ Tie

Scholars’ Tie featured image
Today 50 scholars were recognised as they were each presented with their Scholars’ Tie. As a result of Covid restrictions, the scholars received their ties from the Headmaster this morning, rather than at the more formal Scholars’ Dinner.
Normally scholars are appointed on entry to the School or in Year 12. Our scholars are seen as the pinnacle of the academic life of the School, until now, aspiring to be a scholar was just that – aspiration and waiting for results in GCSE exams. Now the School has recognised both the excellent academic effort of Year 9 and Year 10 pupils to encourage more boys to focus on work and become passionate life-long learners.
One of the boys said he was overjoyed to be appointed as a scholar, having wanted to be officially recognised since starting the School but he just missed out in the entrance exam.