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Loughborough Schools Foundation (LSF) has continued this year to widen access to its educational resources and facilities, by bringing independent and state school communities together. This year Loughborough Schools Foundation has made the following available at no charge to benefit primary and secondary pupils, and teaching staff, from local state and independent schools:

  • Masterclasses in Science, English, Maths and Modern and Ancient Languages for local primary schools held fortnightly at Loughborough Grammar School (LGS) and Loughborough High School (LHS). Involves approximately 120 delegate pupils per session and commits staff plus pupils to assist
  • Annual Gifted and Talented Science workshops for local primary schools at LGS
  • Senior LGS pupils act as classroom assistants on a weekly basis to Ashmount School, which specialises in teaching pupils with special educational needs
  • Senior LGS pupils visit local primary schools weekly to assist with Maths and Computing teaching
  • Annual ‘Mini Beast’ workshop run during Insect Week by LGS Teaching Staff for local primary schools
  • Hosted annual visits to LGS to see drama productions for local primary schools and home-schooled children
  • Local secondary school Rawlins Academy invited to send Y12 and Y13 pupils to view a production, and associated workshops, delivered by a visiting theatre company at LGS
  • Provide annual Oxbridge mock interview experience for pupils from local secondary schools
  • A biennial workshop and lecture delivered by author Caroline Lawrence for Thrussington Primary School and the Home Schooling Network
  • Annual KS3 Art and Design classes for pupils with special educational needs at LHS
  • Hosted the NCA Elliott Lecture for Classics at LHS for approx. 90 participants including LSF pupils, parents and NCA members
  • EMACT Sixth Form Classics Conference hosted at LHS. Students from around the country attend the one-day conference which involves around 100 pupils plus staff from 10 schools. Free facilities and staffing provided. The conference comprises of a day of lectures and seminars linked to AS and A Level specifications
  • Partnership between LHS and Loughborough C of E Primary School to provide teaching staff to deliver cookery lessons to Year 6 pupils
  • Humphrey Perkins School and Limehurst Academy pupils (state secondary schools) attended performances termly by Onatti Productions who provide foreign actors to perform in schools, aimed at modern languages skills development at LHS and LGS
  • Pupils from De Lisle College and Charnwood College (state secondary schools) attend A Level preparation days at LHS (subsidised attendance)
  • Classics Day for adults from the local community jointly delivered annually by LGS and LHS staff and pupils
  • OLCS delivered free annual forensics workshop and invited pupils from local primary schools
  • Art workshop provided by Loughborough Amherst School (LAS) to which pupils from local primary schools were invited
  • Outreach activities at LAS also include a Pokemon Go Safety Coding session and competition

Loughborough Schools Foundation believes the exchange of ideas and the opportunity for its pupils to mix, learn and work alongside state pupils is mutually beneficial. These activities also advance LSF’s broader educational aims and have an undoubted benefit for its pupils by developing their social skills and making them aware of the wider community beyond their own