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Science at Fairfield is engaging and fun! We strive to develop the children’s sense of investigative enquiry whilst extending their knowledge and understanding of the world. The curriculum is taught with a focus on practical investigations and activities to collect data and information first hand. Pupils are encouraged to seek explanations and think critically about the evidence they have collected to formulate their conclusions.

At Fairfield, Science is taught by class teachers from Reception to Year 2. In Years 3-6, Science is taught in the well-equipped laboratory by a specialist science teacher. The curriculum is based on the National Curriculum schemes of work, but is adapted, enhanced and extended to challenge the children at Fairfield. There is constant liaison with science staff at the other Schools within the Foundation, to ensure progression for those remaining at Loughborough. During a pupil’s journey through Fairfield they are given increasing levels of independence in Science which enables them to acquire and refine the practical skills needed to investigate questions safely. From Reception to Year 6, our pupils will develop the valuable skills of predicting, asking questions, recording and presenting data, making inferences, concluding and evaluating. The children are encouraged to use ICT to enhance their learning, particularly those older pupils in KS2 who use their iPads to develop independent learning and research skills.

Fairfield pupils exploring Science
Fairfield children in Science lesson Fairfield children watering the plants
Fairfield pupils exploring Science Fairfield pupils exploring Science
Fairfield pupils exploring Science

Our Forest School and wildlife area allow all of Fairfield’s pupils to explore the natural environment, pond dip, search for invertebrates and observe plants and wildlife throughout the year. There is also an area for gardening, growing both vegetables and flowering plants. The children benefit from visiting speakers and educational visits, for example our Year 5 pupils visit the National Space Centre. Enthusiasm for science is further enhanced by providing opportunities for our children to take part in science clubs such as construction club and gardening club. There are many local and national initiatives which our pupils are encouraged to take part in, for example 3M’s Young Innovators Challenge.

The aim throughout, is that the children love learning about Science and develop a lifelong desire to understand the changing world in which they live, whilst equipping them with the skills and understanding to carry this forward at secondary school.