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At Fairfield we have a whole school approach to the teaching and learning of PSHEE and Citizenship. Our aim is for the children to be well rounded, happy children, who are beginning to develop a sense of self, understand British Values and their place in the world around them.

Throughout the school year a variety of activities take place to support the teaching of PSHEE, such as visits from the Lifebus, theatre companies and the fire service.

As well as the nurturing of children throughout the school day, the children will get the opportunity to explore PSHEE and Citizenship issues, in assemblies and through other curriculum subjects such as English and Drama, Science, Geography, RE and PE.

The children will also receive a specific curriculum session for 30 minutes each week, enabling us to discuss issues in more detail and explore solutions in a supportive environment. Our topics are reviewed on a regular basis, in order to ensure that the children explore issues that are current and relevant to them.

Fairfield children having fun in the playground