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The academic musical education at Fairfield begins at Kindergarten. All pupils at EYFS and Key Stage 1 receive class Music lessons, and are given many opportunities for singing and playing. A Kodaly-based curriculum is used throughout the school. This highly accredited approach lays firm musical foundations and builds a strong practical and technical understanding of music as well as enhancing all areas of learning.

In the Early Years children play singing games and learn rhymes. Music is fun and playful, enhanced by attractive and engaging percussion, puppets and other resources. In Key Stage 1 pupils learn and use key musical skills and concepts in their singing and playing – this includes the foundations of musical literacy. As pupils progress into Key Stage 2, more complex and technical skills are developed. Pupils learn to read music fluently and develop ensemble skills in singing and playing. At every level Music lessons include singing and games – this is a fundamental aspect of the Kodaly approach and ensures that lessons are enjoyable and engaging.

In addition to class music lesson, we operate a Year 2 String Scheme and a Year 4 Brass Scheme. All Year 2 children receive Colourstrings tuition on either violin or cello; all Year 4 children receive Kodaly-based tuition on either trumpet or trombone. Both schemes enhance musical knowledge and understanding, and are tremendously popular with pupils.