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It is important that children have access and experience of this method of communication because:

  • It enhances and develops children’s self esteem and appreciation of self worth.
  • It breaks down social and cultural barriers.
  • It allows children to experiment with everyday issues in a safe secure
  • It allows children of all abilities to experience a level of success and
    achievement no matter what their role of participation.
  • It encourages children to explore different styles of speaking, singing, gesture and mime.

At Fairfield we aim to make sure all children have access to and experience drama activities through the curriculum. Teachers provide opportunities for drama not only in literacy but throughout their topic work such as history (exploring how people lived in the past) or Geography and P.S.H.E (exploring how different cultures live and customs). Each year group performs a drama production during the school year. This enables the children to experience the audition process for speaking and dancing roles whilst also ensuring that all children are fully involved in the experience.

Year 5 Drama Production
Year 6 Drama production Year 6 Drama
Treasure Island Drama Production
Treasure Island Drama Production