Hear from Headmaster, Andrew Earnshaw | Head of Kindergarten, Karen Kembery | Year 3 Teacher, Jamie Moseley | Year 6 Pupils, Jude, Ruhie, and Phoebe & Farron | Foundation Director of Music, Richard West | Foundation Director of Sport, Jo Hackett.

"I have the best job in the world!"

Andrew Earnshaw


"Children and staff really have such a wonderful time in Fairfield Kindergarten."

Karen Kembery

Head of Kindergarten

"We get to know our children extremely well and their well-being is at the centre of everything we do."

Jamie Moseley

Year 3 Teacher

"Year 6 rocks!"


Year 6 Pupil

"We have some amazing trips that make the curriculum come to life and in Year 2 we actually have a sleepover at school!"


Year 6 pupil

"I was a little nervous on the first day but it turned out to be the best day."

Phoebe & Farron

Year 6 pupils

"There really is nowhere quite like the Loughborough Schools Music department!"

Richard West

Foundation Director of Music

"Sport at Loughborough Schools Foundation is focused on engaging every student in a range of sporting activities and experiences."

Jo Hackett

Foundation Director of Sport