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In literacy and numeracy the children progress through the stages of the National Curriculum in Key Stage 1.

In literacy, they are introduced to comprehension skills through a range of texts and have opportunities to develop their creative minds through a variety of genre.  Weekly spelling tests are introduced to reinforce knowledge of keywords and common spelling patterns used in the English language.  The children are encouraged to develop a neat cursive style of writing and take pride in the presentation of their work.

Numeracy lessons build upon the children’s knowledge with a balance of practical and recorded activities.  Opportunities to extend their knowledge and understanding of number through problem solving activities are regularly given.

Science, Geography and History are taught through individual topics.  In Science, Materials, Healthy Living, Habitats and Plants and Animals are studied in blocks.  The children are introduced to the investigative aspects of Science and enjoy conducting their own experimental work.  In Geography and History the children study The Seaside, Kenya, Map Skills, The Great Fire of London, Victorians and significant people in History.  Their understanding of the curriculum is further enhanced through visiting specialists to the school and relevant and local educational outings.

"You never feel your child has to reach somebody else's level"


In Year 2, the children participate in a range of other subject areas to give them a broad and varied curriculum.  These are P.S.H.E.E., R.E., Music, Drama, ICT, Art, DT and French.  These subjects are regularly taught by either their class teacher or a subject specialist.  Year 2 children have the opportunity to join weekly lunchtime clubs including Ball Skills, Tennis, Dance, Tag Rugby, Football and Strategy Games.

The experiences offered to the children in Year 2 provide them with a wealth of learning experiences and development as an individual in preparation for their transition to Year 3, which is smooth and seamless.,q_auto/w_2000,h_1334/v1610371591/lsf_fairfield/Art-sculptures-3_uf5a4f_1966f532f/Art-sculptures-3_uf5a4f_1966f532f.jpg,q_auto/v1610523376/lsf_fairfield/subjects_srp7ym/subjects_srp7ym.jpg,q_auto/v1610523376/lsf_fairfield/Year2_cjgsz0/Year2_cjgsz0.jpg,q_auto/v1610523377/lsf_fairfield/Year2a_nxxr3t/Year2a_nxxr3t.jpg