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Named in honour of our original benefactor, Thomas Burton, The Burton Bursaries fund enables our donors to give children access to a Loughborough Schools Foundation education.

What is a bursary?

In simple terms, a bursary is financial assistance for a child who has passed an entrance exam to one of our schools but whose parents are unable to pay the fees for them to attend. The bursary is intended to prevent a talented child missing out on a Loughborough Schools Foundation education.

Some bursaries are restricted to particular beneficiaries, such as for children from a specified area (for example the local Shelthorpe Estate) or to pupils in particular year groups (for example Sixth Form bursaries).

Our vision for bursaries

Our vision is to increase the number of bursaries we offer to bright, talented children.

Bursaries have a life-changing impact on those who receive them. They provide the highest quality education and a world of opportunities to children whose families wouldn’t otherwise have the means.

Why help?

Anything should be possible when you’re young. It’s a time when the future is not yet written, yet is full of promise and hope. Some gifted children, unfortunately, aren’t afforded the same hope as others. We are committed to giving an opportunity to those children whose potential far exceeds their financial means. The gift of a good education empowers a child, raises aspirations, fulfils ambitions and transforms lives.

In recent years we have increased the number of bursaries funded by the Foundation’s own income through the generosity of members of the Loughborough Schools Foundation community — particularly our alumni and current and former parents.

How you can help

We welcome donations from individuals, families, groups of school friends and companies. Large or small, as a single donation or a contribution from your monthly salary, your generosity will help shape a child’s future. If you want to find out more about our aspirations for bursaries, contact Laura-Jane Ryves on or 01509 638922.