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Decades Lunch: 20, 30, 40 and 50 Years

Event Type: Private

Decades Lunch: 20, 30, 40 and 50 Years featured image

Can you believe it’s been three decades since you left school? Or has it been four or five ?

Join us at the start of the new school year for a Decades Dinner: 20, 30, 40 and 50 Years!

Come along to reconnect with old friends, see how the schools have changed and enjoy reminiscing about your school days.

This event is open to all alumni from OLCS, LGS and LHS from the Classes of 1972, 1982, 1992 and 2002


11:30 Tours of the Schools

12:45 Drinks in Hodson Hall Extension

13:30 Dinner in the Burton Hall

Dress: Smart Casual

Tickets: £30

Please note: Photographs may be taken at events and used for social media and within our alumni magazine and communications. Once booked, all attendees are routinely added to our ‘registered guests list’ on our event pages (see below). This allows other people to know who is attending. If you do not wish us to list your name on the ‘registered guests list’, please contact us at or on 01509 638920.

Registered guests:

Janet GrantLHS Class of 1965
Gwyneth Bates (née Mitchell)LHS Class of 1972
Pauline Bennett (née Giles) LHS Class of 1972
Susan BishopLHS Class of 1972
Anne Dickinson (née Billing)LHS Class of 1972
Jane Harker (née Hawley) LHS Class of 1972
Naomi HarrimanLHS Class of 1972
Christine Jackson (née Bulbrook)LHS Class of 1972
Rowan Latimer (née Peacock) LHS Class of 1972
Catherine Lilley (née Millard)LHS Class of 1972
Ruth MorettiLHS Class of 1972
Karen Mullett (née Wildman) LHS Class of 1972
Amanda Ovenall (née Harding) LHS Class of 1972
Sandy Prince (née Ellis) LHS Class of 1972
Helen Robinson (née Clarke)LHS Class of 1972
Deidre Roseman (née Smith) LHS Class of 1972
Stephanie Smith (née Perry)LHS Class of 1972
Deidre ThomasLHS, Class of 1972
Elizabeth Turner (née Lacey)LHS Class of 1972
Sue Woodcock LHS Class of 1972
Gillian WrightLHS Class of 1972
Ian AntillLGS Class of 1971
Trevor CannerLGS Class of 1972
Richard CoryLGS Class of 1972
Nigel HoultLGS Class of 1972
Nicholas MeakinLGS Class of 1972
Jerzy SalamonczykLGS Class of 1972
George (Robert) WillsonLGS Class of 1972
Bruce WoolleyLGS Class of 1972
Jonathan DuckworthLGS Class of 1982
Michael EverettLGS Class of 1982
James HaylingLGS Class of 1982
Andrew LudwigLGS Class of 1982
Dilip PatelLGS Class of 1982
Rachel Below (née Duncan)LHS Class of 1982
Sarah Evans (née Dixon) LHS Class of 1982
Ruth Hollingshead (née Briggs)LHS Class of 1982
Georgina Raffle (née Taylor) LHS Class of 1982
Lisa BrindleyLHS Class of 1992
Sally ClementsLHS Class of 1992
Heather Clements-WheelerLHS Class of 1992
Alix Critchley (née Mathers)LHS Class of 1992
Miranda Golds-Jones (née Jones) LHS Class of 1992
Jo GristLHS Class of 1992
Antonia KayLHS Class of 1992
Alexandra MiskinLHS Class of 1992
Meredith Raymond (née Taylor)LHS Class of 1992
Joanne ShawLHS Class of 1992
Claire Stewart LHS Class of 1992
Amy Summers (née Mitchell)LHS Class of 1992
Fiona WattLHS Class of 1992
Isabel WiddowsonLHS Class of 1992
Ben ArrowsmithLGS Class of 1992
Alexander CapletonLGS Class of 1992
Ben DixonLGS Class of 1992
Richard DobsonLGS Class of 1992
Neil Fletcher LGS Class of 1992
Roger HarrisonLGS Class of 1992
Ian KirklandLGS Class of 1992
Mark MillerLGS Class of 1992
Ivan Morison LGS Class of 1992
Jon MutimerLGS Class of 1992
Matt RussellLGS Class of 1992
Tim SnaithLGS Class of 1992
Richard SollisLGS Class of 1992
Jonathan WilkinsonLGS Class of 1992
Bhavin DoshiLGS Class of 2002
Rita Ribeiro MarquesGuest of Bhavin Doshi
Dominic HebberdLGS Class of 2002
Snahal PatelLGS Class of 2002
Ian SpaffordLGS Class of 2002
Tom WilkinsonLGS Class of 2002
Miss Chloe AndersonDevelopment Office
Clare BurnettChair of the Loughburians Alumni Association
Canon Tony CoxFormer LGS Staff
Mrs Gillian FernandezFormer OLCS, LHS and LGS Staff
Mr John FernandezFormer LGS Staff
Dr Emma FraserDevelopment Office
Mrs Pippa KentFormer LHS Staff
Dr Daniel KochLGS Head
Dr Fiona MilesLHS Head
Mr Barrie PercivalFormer LGS Staff
Miss Laura-Jane RyvesDirector of Development
Mr Mel StarkingsLGS, Current Teaching Staff
Mr John WeitzelLGS Archivist and Former Deputy Head
Miss Laura WoodhouseDevelopment Office
YlaCurrent LHS Head Girl
DillonCurrent LGS Head Boy