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"The academic platform provided supports the problem-solving skills required in business,"

Beyond the academic support, the opportunities outside of the classroom had the biggest impact on skills development. Firstly, playing in sports teams (Football, Cricket & Cross-Country) allowed me to develop teamwork skills as well as through captaining some of these teams, leadership. Furthermore, the internal roles I was given (Deputy Head Boy) give accountability and peer management skills that I still require in my job today. I was very lucky to get the opportunities I did which I have no doubt have supported my development and led me to the career I have today. I believe this is the biggest area that LGS differentiates itself from other schools in providing these opportunities which create great university and work candidates. This is an area I built on throughout university, from the work ethic that was instilled in me at LGS.

Alumni Wisdom

Job Search Tips
Apply early!

Current Needs of Employers in my field
Ability to interact with and manage people, willingness to learn, strong academic background, life experiences beyond the classroom.

Things I wish I’d known in Sixth Form
Look at having opportunities outside the classroom: work experience, volunteering, sports, music, prefect roles

Describe LGS in three words
Nutures great talent