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"I worked in every department... to get as much experience as I could from that year."

I am now Head Bartender at HIX, Soho in London, an apothecary, speakeasy style cocktail bar which focuses on using unusual ingredients and creating “experience drinks” which you are unable to get anywhere else in the world. I use everything I learnt at University such as people management, stock management and just generally being creative and the best at what I do.

Loughborough Grammar School really did help me with what I do.  You don’t necessarily realise that until you leave.  The expectation from teachers and the work that you do is at a much higher level than you originally think.  You become more mature than a lot of other people you meet along the way and this puts you in good stead for getting jobs further down the line.  Your attitude to work has to remain once you leave, putting everything into what you do because you may not realise, but it shows to employers.

My one piece of advice to anyone, is to just care about what you’re doing, no matter what it is.  Make that little bit of extra effort today to make life easier tomorrow.


Alumni Wisdom

Job Search Tips
Stay in touch with everyone you meet – even if it’s an email every 3 months to catch up.  They may be able to help you further down the road.

Current Needs of Employers in my field
People that have the right attitude.  You don’t necessarily need the practical skills, they can be taught, but if you WANT to do a job, show it.

Things I wish I’d known in Sixth Form
Don’t worry about what University to go to, just make the most of it when you’re there.