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LGS v OLA Tennis Match

LGS v OLA Tennis Match featured image

The newly resurfaced courts at Fairfield provided the setting for this year’s LGS v OLA tennis match on Saturday 13th May. Overcast skies and the threat of rain were not enough to deter 11 old boys of varying vintages from pitting their wits against current school players. Despite the odd number requiring some rotation of players, the format meant that all pairs played each other with the overall number of games won deciding the winner.

After Round 1 the OLA had the upper hand, having started well, punishing the boys’ inconsistencies. But it was not all one-way traffic and, although it might be disputed by some, it became clear that as the afternoon progressed and the sun came out, the old boys’ scores suffered as several of their team (see list below to guess who) tired while the pupils got more and more into their stride.

Players and spectators alike enjoyed themselves with the former seeing some bursts of fine tennis in between scoffing the plentiful supply of scones and sandwiches laid on by The Loughburians. In the end the old boys’ lead was never relinquished and the OLA emerged victorious by 135 – 92.

LGS V OLA Scoresheet

OLA (young to old):

Harry Johnson (09-16)
Seb Kay (12-16)

Will Dobson (08-15)
Tom Saunders (03-10)
Alex Chan (95-02)
Charles McChrystal (95-02)
Steve Spriggs (97-02)
Neil Butlin (96-02)
Andrew Hatfield (79-86)
Nigel Hatfield (75-82)
Steve Hatfield (73-80)

LGS (young to younger):>

Nikolay Irmanov
Ethan Stratford
Kane Richards
Tom Hall
Enzo Armellini
Matthew McNamee
Jakob Rana
Sam Glass
Fin Calnan
Arjun Patel