What is Development? What Do We Do?

At Loughborough Schools Foundation, we owe our very existence to a generous gift from Thomas Burton that led to our eventual formation. To this day, we remain a registered charity with public benefit at the heart of what we do.  We achieve much of this through fundraising, community involvement and engagement with current and former pupils.

Joining one of our schools automatically welcomes you into our extended family. We pride ourselves on being one unbroken family – regardless of when you or your loved ones joined us.  Our Alumni and Development work aims to connect our whole school community to extend the impact of our schools for generations to come.

Former pupils of our schools automatically become members of one of our Alumni Associations – The Loughburians (https://lsf.org/development) and Our Lady’s Convent School (OLCS) Alumni Association. Through the Associations we aim to keep you in touch and connected with life beyond school and help to inspire current pupils to reach their full potential.

Together, current and former pupils also help to extend participation in our schools by providing funding for bursaries and buildings. And in doing so stand on the shoulders of Thomas Burton and all who have followed his example.

To find out more about how you can help us further our charitable aims, please contact:

Andrew Ball
Director of Development 
01509 638920