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This is an exciting and largely practical GCSE course; excellent if you have an interest in food preparation and science.

It provides a sound basis to move on to higher level qualifications and a wide range of careers, including food marketing, nutrition, product development, nursing or teaching. The course promotes time management skills and an analytical approach to problem solving and decision making, thereby enabling you to become an effective independent learner.

You will master practical cookery skills while developing your knowledge and understanding of the scientific principles involved. You can undertake: cooking, product analysis, experimental work and sensory analysis of dishes made. You will also develop a deeper understanding of the importance of diet, health and wider environmental issues associated with living in today’s multicultural society.


  • Food Science investigation, 10 hours (15%)
  • Food practical task, 20 hours including a 3 hour practical (35%)
  • Food Preparation and Nutrition, written exam (50%)

Level 3 Food Science & Nutrition

This exciting new course, with a strong emphasis on practical work, enables you to study the relationship between food and health, whilst developing hands-on food skills. You need an enquiring mind, and good problem solving and decision making skills.

During the course you will demonstrate your knowledge of food safety and science and nutrition by planning and preparing a selection of dishes designed to fulfil the dietary requirements of a variety of individuals in a range of different contexts.

You will develop transferrable skills including researching and referencing, ICT and presentation, numeracy and creativity as well as analytical and time management skills.

Assessment at the end of Year 12 is by a 90 minute exam and one nine hour internal controlled assessment including a three hour practical exam.

Assessment at the end of Year 13 is an eight hour supervised study and a 14 hour research project.

After passing Year 12 and 13 you will be awarded the Certificate and Diploma respectively.

This subject is taught at Loughborough Amherst School and Loughborough High School.