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Studying business at GCSE can be useful for anyone. We are all influenced by businesses every day.

All of us work for organisations or know people who run their own companies and GCSE Business will help you understand what is going on. Above all else though, choose GCSE business if the actions that businesses take interests you. The study of business also requires you to be competent in numeracy as there are a lot of financial calculations.



There are two written exams at the end of year 11. Together they make up 100% of the grade. There is no coursework element to this course. The two exams papers are 1 hour 30 minutes each. Paper 1 covers Year 10 content and Paper 2 covers Year 11 content.


While studying the two units of this course you are likely to learn a lot of new things. You will be introduced to the world of small businesses and will look at what makes someone a successful business person. You will find out how to develop an idea and spot an opportunity, and turn that into a successful business. You will understand how to make a business effective and manage money. You will also see how the world around us affects small businesses and all the people involved.


This business course can help you prepare for further education such as A-Levels or apprenticeships.  You will become skilled in making decisions, being creative, solving problems, understanding finance, dealing with data, communicating and working as part of team. A GCSE Business course could lead to work in any business or organisation.

A Level

From Google to Topshop, Virgin to Facebook, the actions of businesses around the world affect us all. By analysing how and why businesses are successful the Business A Level equips you with the skills and knowledge to understand organisations’ marketing and finance.

You will also gain insight into how they motivate staff; manage major projects, operate in the economy and adapt to the dynamic business environment.

An interest in current business affairs is essential, but no specific GCSE subjects are required to gain access to this course. This course provides you with a foundation for studying Business in higher education. It is also suitable if you wish to pursue a Level 4 apprenticeship, or use your learned skills directly in the workplace.

In the first year you will cover Business Opportunities and Functions and in the second year Business Analysis and Strategy and Business in a Changing World. Assessment is by three 2 hour 30 minute examinations on each component at the end of the second year.