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Year 6

I started at Loughborough Amherst School in April 2016. I knew I would like it here because everyone was kind to me on my first day and I’m still happy to be in this school. My experience at Amherst has been fun, challenging, helpful and happy. The people at the school are kind, caring and hopeful and the school makes me feel special and confident.

At Amherst, we do a certain amount of subject like Maths, P.E, English, Science, R.E, ICT, Music, Geography, History and each class has a special topic, my class is doing the Ancient Greeks at the moment. My favourite subjects are Maths and Science because I am very confident with them and I would like to be an archaeologist when I am older. In Year 3, I was not confident with Maths but with help from the teachers I am now confident in Maths and things are now looking up.

At Amherst. there are loads of clubs to take part in like netball club, triathlon club, hockey club, hockey herons, typing club, table tennis club, Lego club, football club, gymnastics club, dance club and drama club. These clubs are good for people who are good at them and people that aren’t good at them because the teachers are helping them get better at the subject and raising them to their true potential.

At Amherst, we often have school trips for a topic, for research, for topics, for fun and to learn. My favourite trip was when we went to Twycross Zoo because we saw different types of animals and birds.

I have represented the school in a number of ways. I have been in some of the school pictures, I have taken part in dance competitions and I was chosen to take part in some science lessons at the Grammar School (which is part of Loughborough Schools Foundation too). Recently, I took part in the Junior Wind Band’s performance in a concert because I play the French Horn.

"I hope that in the future people will do amazing things that will change the world and make it a better place, for example reducing pollution in the water and on land. I know that whatever happens, people who leave Amherst will go into the world and make it better."