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Head Girl

It has been a real honour being this year’s Head Girl of Loughborough Amherst School. My 7 years here are defined by the many cherished memories I have made. Since joining, I have found that the sense of community, held at the heart of our school, is a truly unique aspect. A school which provides both academic excellence and an unforgettable adventure speaks volumes of the culture shared amongst the pupils.

The academic success of LAS grows each year. With examinations getting harder, the success is a testimony to our hardworking teachers and the healthy mind set of pupils. A key philosophy our School promotes in the Minerva project. I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Psychology at A Level with ambitions to study Medicine after taking a gap year to volunteer, work, and travel whilst furthering my linguistic skills in Mandarin. Despite its challenges, I am confident in my choices of A Level’s because I find them fascinating and enjoy broadening my knowledge of them. The encouraging environment created in class is really important in your development of learning and with each department welcome to answer any questions builds this bridge of support. Furthermore, teachers are willing to discuss topics beyond the syllabus that deepen your understanding of the course. It is these extra details that allow students to reach their academic goals. The teacher’s passion for their subjects is where I believe my interest emanates from.

Embracing all that this school has to offer, I have taken part in an array of extra-curriculum activities. These include: Duke of Edinburgh, Forensic Science Competitions and Young Enterprise (taking the role of Finance Director). With the opportunity to become involved in the diverse spectrum of clubs is a great privilege that I encourage all Amherst pupils to immerse into.
Public Speaking encourages you to deliver a speech around a topic that interests you. Standing up and delivering your opinion holds great courage and is an immensely valuable skill to possess. Encouraging individuals to know the power of their voice, is very important to me and is something I hope I have promoted as Head Girl. In order to develop this, a Primary Student Voice has been implemented this year. Run by my two deputies, Niamh and Orianne, alongside myself we hope to provide a platform to encourage this behaviour and build confidence in pupils from a young age. In a similar way, taking part in drama clubs is another excellent way to boost confidence. Having personally been a member of the Shakespeare School Festivals since year 7 (for 5 years), it has allowed me to develop my confidence whilst gaining lifelong friends branching across the year groups.

CCF has been an enriching opportunity that has taught me many essential life skills and increased my problem solving techniques. These will be transferable to my future carer. With the opportunity to also go on multiple camps and competitions, your experience in CCF is full of adventure and I highly recommend getting involved.

LAS has also allowed me to pursue my love for sports and I have had great pleasure in representing the School in netball, rounder’s and seed 1 badminton matches. Along with these clubs, you are given the extra opportunity to gain a qualification in Level 2 and 3 Sports or Dance Leadership. This strengthens your communication skills and understanding of the sport which enables full participation. For me, playing as a team in netball alongside a talented and funny team will always be a real highlight of my time here.

It is a great privilege to be the Head Girl of such a beautiful school and has allowed me to develop into someone more than I ever thought I could be. My time in this role and throughout my school life has taught me many things which I will carry beyond school years. Above all, a valuable lesson this school has taught me is that the only thing holding you back from reaching your potential is your mind set. If you realise that you are capable of reaching any goal you set your eye on, as long as you are willing, and seek all the guidance and support this school offers, you are sure to reach any dream. So dream big.

"a valuable lesson this school has taught me is that the only thing holding you back from reaching your potential is your mind set. "