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Year 6

I started at Amherst in September 2016. From my very first taster day, I knew I was going to enjoy it because everyone was so kind, welcoming and helpful. I feel happy and lucky to go to school at Amherst because everyone is so considerate and its good because we feel that if we all work together, we know we can achieve our best.

We have access to lots of exciting lessons. These include Art, ICT, English, P.E, Maths, Science, Swimming, R.E, Music, Spanish, Latin, Library time and Topic work. My favourite lesson is ICT because I like learning to code and, at the moment, linked to our learning theme, we are creating our own Ancient Greek game on a computer programme called Scratch. The teachers help us in all of our lessons by asking us questions to make us think about our work and help us understand how we could improve it. When teachers help us, they don’t tell us the answer but they do help us to think more carefully about the problem we are facing.

I would find it hard to name all of the extra-curricular clubs because there are so many. My favourites are the sports clubs such as Fitness, Netball, Football, Triathlon, Hockey and Dance. The great thing about those is that even if you weren’t really interested in sports the clubs aren’t just about playing the sport – they are about having fun, enjoying yourself and staying healthy.

As well as lessons, we also go on trips. These trips allow us to find out more in another learning environment. I love trips as they help me bond with my friends and peers. The Prep School also go on a yearly residential which I always look forward to and enjoy. My favourite trip that I have been on is

Even in the youngest years, we are helped to build our confidence. I have represented the school in athletics competitions and netball fixtures but we also have opportunities to read in assemblies. We also are part of productions throughout the year involving drama, singing, dancing or public speaking.

"I hope I stay at Amherst until the end of the Sixth Form. Then, I would like to send my children to Amherst and they to send theirs – our family’s school. I hope Amherst will always be the incredible school that it is."