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Drum Major

The Corps of Drums has grown into an important part of the CCF and has taken its place as an integral part on Remembrance Day and Inspection Day. As its own Thursday option, the Corps of Drums has welcomed three new year 10s to our ranks and they are well on their way to becoming great drummers. For me, becoming the Drum Major is a great honour after experiencing the Corps of Drums side of Remembrance Day and Inspection Day last year and I look forward to leading the Drums in the coming year. I encourage any new boys to look into the Corps of Drums as you can join us on Tuesday lunches regardless of age and experience.



Regimental Sergeant Major

The CCF Army section has given me a number of valuable experiences outside of the classroom, coming from summer camps, field craft and shooting competitions, exercises, leadership courses and parades. Alongside enjoying these immensely, I have gained a lot of personal strengths and would encourage any cadet to seek out these opportunities.
As the new senior cadet, I hope to continue building upon the growing reputation of our CCF and open up as many chances for all as possible.
Military life is not designed for all, but even those without military aspirations in the future will gain from immersing themselves in CCF life. The mixture of military, ex-military and civilian staff work incredibly hard to provide us with what we have and they are all excellent to learn from and work with.
As a committed member of the army team, I hope to broaden my involvement to encompass the training of the Air Force and Navy sections, where many varied and interesting skills can be developed. I thoroughly recommend the CCF to those willing to put themselves forward.