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  • You should arrive by 0845, fully kitted, polished, and raring to go.
  • Unless you are in one of the specialist roles (eg quarter guard, standard bearer etc) in which case arrive at 0815
  • Timings overview:
    • 0815-0845 – Cadets report for duty – CCF Compound
    • 0830-0915 – Coffee available for parents and guests – Hodson Hall
    • 0920-1015 – Parade and inspection – Quad
    • 1015-1100 – Cadet activities and demos – Burton Walks, CCF Compound (coffee in Hodson Hall, visitors are encouraged to take their drinks with them as they tour the cadet activities)
    • 1100-1200- Drill Competition, Combat Demo (nb blanks will be fired), Pace-stick Demo, Field Gun Competition, closing address – Quad
    • 1215 – Dismiss.
    • 1230lunch for invited guests including Upper VIth and their parents
  • Do encourage your parents to come and see what you do
  • We all turn out for parade – if you have a pressing prior engagement (eg wedding, funeral, national/regional sport) please write to Mr Byrne requesting permission to be absent
  • Emergencies on the day (eg illness or accident) – please ask your parents to email your section officer and cc