The St Catherine’s Society exists to provide extra-curricular opportunities to pupils who have the very highest academic ambitions. This may be through departmental trips, national essay competitions and challenges, and also in-school Society meetings where topics of relevance and interest will be introduced to the pupils, not only by staff, but in time by the pupils themselves.

At Loughborough Amherst School we pride ourselves on in-depth knowledge of each pupil so that those who are showing the highest potential can have tailor-made experiences which will allow them to flourish and in time be prepared to successfully apply for the most competitive of university courses. In the Society, pupils will not only develop in-depth advanced knowledge, but also the so-called “soft-skills” such as critical-thinking, collaborative learning and resilience, which top universities and employers covet.

The Society is inclusive, though it is clearly focussed on providing opportunities for those who are excelling in at least one subject, but more often it will be more than one. Due to this, the St Catherine’s Scholars and other pupils whose academic potential has been measured as in the highest percentage nationally will be strongly encouraged to put themselves forward and participate in the activities arranged.

The Enrichment Coordinator will carefully monitor the development of those enrolled pupils, communicating progress and development opportunities to parents so that they can support from home. In collaboration with the academic departments and the other senior schools in the Foundation, the Society will ensure that all pupils have an exceptional range of academic experiences to allow them to flourish in their areas of keenest interest.