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Learning themes include: World War One, The Vikings and China. Across the Preparatorychool we run a two-year curriculum cycle so that all learning remains new. As well as the subjects taught by specialists in PE, Music and Modern Foreign Languages, Latin is also introduced.

Pupils and parents continue to receive information, via Route Maps, about their child’s learning either for the term (pupils) or the year (parents).  The student Route Map is developed further in this Year Group to add to the autonomy of learning with written detail added.  Combined with a termly Knowledge Organiser, children are clear what they need to know and what they will be studying.

By Year 4, we would expect all children to have a solid grasp of their multiplication tables, as well as reading regularly for the equivalent of at least 20 minutes per night to ensure reading growth.  As in other Year Groups, for those who have found the acquisition of key skills more difficult, support is put in place, in discussion with parents, to ensure that continued progress is evident for all.

Year 4 and 5 is often the age that the pupils are ready to begin to represent the School for the first time in sporting events.  Our pupils have participated in local, regional and national events representing the School in Swimming, Gymnastics, Netball and Triathlon.

By this age, the students are confident in choosing the wide variety of extra-curricular activities the School offers. As well as a myriad of sporting choices, children in the Preparatory School begin to be join choirs led by the specialists at Loughborough Schools Music, opportunities to attend Typing Club, Construction Club and participate in the 3M challenge continue to be available to them.

Year 4 and 5 are both years that are vital in consolidating and improving on all the work that has taken place so far as well as ensuring the building blocks are in place to excel in Year 6.  It is an opportunity and a privilege to see and support pupils’ visible growth in knowledge and confidence over the course of these years.